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Virginia Winery Tours Information

Check out these pictures from some of our past Virginia Wine tours!

     Note we have raised our prices for the first time in several years. Due to gasoline nearly tripling in price since we established our prices, and most wineries quadrupling their tasting fees, we've had little choice but to raise our prices.      But our tours are the most popular, and we're the ORIGINAL Virginia Wine Touring company, starting in 1996. One of our competitors thinks so much of our tours, they've copied them all verbatim, because they can't come up with any original ideas! But, if imitation is the highest form of flattery, we accept it!

     Have you always wanted to plan a VA winery tour, but don't have any idea how to? You've come to the right place! Girls' Night Out has been providing virginia wine tours to Northern Virginia Wine Country for since 1996. Whether you're a total novice wine drinker, or certified "Wine Geek", you'll benefit from our experience, knowledge of all the Northern Virginia wineries, and attention to detail we give our VA Wine tours.

     We'll work with you to help you plan the perfect Virginia Wine tour, or plan the entire tour for you, your choice. We'll include helpful hints for you about such things as "How to Taste Wine", "Proper Winery Etiquette", etc., as well, so your group will look like accomplished wine tasting pros, even if they've never been before! We also provide supplies for your group to enhance your tasting experience, such as tasting booklets, wine information on each winery's offerings, and tasting goodies (water, chocolates, and crackers) for maximum palate preparedness! Lastly, we'll provide lots of suggestions for planning the perfect picnic lunch, including recommendations for which winery to have it at. All of these things are included in the price, no "hidden charges", etc.

All tours include the following:

Note our prices are effective 10/1/2014

Our Tour Offerings: Note that we've been providing these tours for many, many years, so if you see one of our competitors doing them, remember, they took the idea from us!. One of our competitors has literally copied these verbatim, which we find to be laughable, and at the same time, flattering. Imitation, they say, is the highest form of flattery...

"Stock Your Cellar Tour" up to 4 bottles per person (each participant comes home with bottles of wine from each winery):

    Prices FROM $165.00 per person depending on group size, and number of bottles included.
    bottles of wine at each winery, for each participant event planning included.
    event planning included.
    Lunch optionally provided.
    All features of "Basic Tour" included     Prices could be more, depending on tasting fees of wineries visited, lunch package selected, etc   This tour can be "mixed", guys-n-girls, or whichever.
    Where possible, you'll meet winery owners and/or winemakers, a benefit extended to participants in our "Stock your Cellar" Tour.

Virginia Wine Tour Basic package (6-12 people):  Call for price.

Costs of wine purchases and tasting fees not included.

Virginia Wine Tour Basic package with Dinner (6-12 people):  depends on headcount and location. Note we try to schedule this without having to charge extra for time. we schedule a dinner for your group, at one of our participating restaurants.     The big difference, you're allowed to bring in wine from your tour to have with your dinner. This is now possible in Virginia, because of a law passed 7/2011 that frees up the restrictions on how ABC licensees can extend the "Corkage Fee" option to customers. This allows the restaurant to charge customers a "Corkage Fee" to uncork and serve wine brought in by the customer.    We're very excited about this, for several reasons: