NOTE: Our rates are all-inclusive, except gratuity, we do not offer less time or services for reduced price.

See our "Winery Tours" page for winery tour pricing, the prices below refer to night events only.

Prices for NIGHT EVENTS effective October, 2014

Based on availability

- A party of 7 :
$440.00 Flat Rate

- A party of 8 :
$475.00 Flat Rate

- A party of 9 - 14 :
$52.00 Per Person

Note that the size of your party is based on vehicle size restrictions. A small van holds a max of 6 girls, a large one 7-14.

  Payment Policy: Once you RSVP with us, we will hold your spot for free until we contact you. Once we contact you, you have the option of cancelling with no cost incurred, continuing to hold your spot for free until you are ready to proceed with planning, or put down a deposit and begin planning.

The deposit is $100.00. This amount is non-refundable once you begin planning with our event planner, and we have sent you proprietary items for your party.
    Final payment is due 72 hours before your event, and will be charged to the credit card you make your deposit with, or another card if you decide to give us another one. Regardless, a credit card payment must be completed no later than 72 hours prior to the start of your event.
    If you need to pay by another method, we need to make arrangements for this ahead of time.
    Cancellation Policy: Up until the Final Payment is due, if you cancel, the deposit becomes the cancellation fee. This fee is over and above the deposit, which is non-refundable. Once Final Payment is made, this too becomes non-refundable. However, in the event of a personal emergency cancellation, we may apply this amount to a re-schedule, depending on the situation.
    Exceptions to this are weather related factors, such as snow, or any other "traveler advisory" where local agencies recommend staying off the roads. We will not charge a cancellation fee in this case. A refund or credit towards a re-scheduled date will be issued as a result of a weather-related cancellation. Our prices include:

Gratuity is not included. As for "acceptable" amounts, this is up to you.
The insdustry standard is considered to be 20%, with more for "outstanding" service. Try a "Google" search for "Tipping Etiquette"... Our guys pride themselves on great service. If you feel they have done something "above & beyond", feel free to use whatever guidelines you want. Note that, in many cases, it's common for the group to go out & party all night, then chip in for the tip last. This can work really well, but can also backfire if a number of the guests leave before this occurs, or are too drunk to remember! To that end, we have several options available for tips:

Please take care of our drivers!