What’s special about a Girls’ Night Out
Bachelorette Party?

     Our experience with planning and doing bachelorette parties 
     started in 1996. Since then, we've done quite a few bachelorette
     parties. We've also come up with lots of different types of 
     parties, different things to do, etc. So if you want something 
     unique in a bachelorette party, we can help. 
     Take a look at what’s included in the cost: 

1).   Event Planning assistance from our event planner 
         Don’t guess what the hottest clubs are, or where 
         the best spots are for bachelorette parties! Let us 
         help you. Whatever kind of event you’re planning, 
         Bachelorette Party, Winery Tour, Brew Pub Tour, 
         or whatever, we can help you! 
2).   Experienced, fun drivers that also escort your group 
        into clubs/bars.  Knowledge of Downtown DC and 
        surrounding area bars/clubs is required of all our drivers. 
        Oh, by the way, we DO/WILL hold/watch your coats
        and purses! 

3).   No cover, no wait entry into the area’s hottest clubs/bars

4).   Discount deals for Entertainment (dancers, etc.) 

5).   Discount deals for Bachelorette Party gifts,  novelties, etc.
        Plus, referrals & ideas for novelty items, etc.  Free party 
        games, our famous “Bachelorette Task List”, and lots of 
        other ideas/suggestions. 
6).    Free use of our Party Planning system to help you track 
         things like guests, tasks, and special needs for your 

7).   Free digital imagery of your event. Our drivers will snap 
        pics of your group as they get time. We're not "official"
        event photographers, but we'll get as many as we can. 
        After the event, we'll host your pics in a private link on 
        our site, known only you. You can then share with the
        rest of the group. Everyone that you share with will be 
        able to look at and download all images for free. 

8).    Latest updates on late-breaking events, club specials, 
        etc. We're on all the mailing lists, so promoters and 
        clubs share this info with us. Frequently, this means a 
        special deal for GNO customers. 

9).    Lots of friendly bartenders. Bars are used to working 
        with us. We get special attention at many places. 

10).   We do handle Lesbian bachelorette parties, and have 
       special activities to make any lesbian bride to be's 
       night a special one.    

11).  Lastly, our motto is simple: "It's all about the bride"
        We understand and appreciate the fact that the 
        Bride is our boss for the evening (typically, it's the 
        organizer, but we make it clear that the brides' wishes 
        are what's important!). Bachelorette Parties don't come 
        with second chances! We know this. We want every 
        bride that uses our service to always remember it 
        fondly. And, of course, we want your references! The 
        only way to get them is to make sure everyone has 
        a great time! 

       Thank you for considering Girls' Night Out! 

         Mickey Holliday
         Girls' Night Out, Inc.